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Research Focus

Dr. Patnaik’s current research agenda is aimed at improving our understanding of how firms capture value by engaging with their broader business environment (e.g. government regulators). His main research efforts are focused on the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), the largest active cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases in the world. He specifically studies the interaction of firms and regulators within the EU ETS and examines the importance of institutional characteristics in the implementation of this multinational regulatory program.

You can find his Google Scholar profile here.

Research Papers

Articles Under Review at Refereed Journals

Please contact Dr.Patnaik for updated information about his articles that are currently under review (due to journal restrictions on posting these articles online).

Working Papers/Research in Progress

Please contact Dr.Patnaik for updated information about his current working papers/research projects in progress.

Articles Published in Refereed Journals  

Patnaik, Sanjay. 2014.  "Essays on International Non-market Strategy and the Political Economy of Environmental Regulation". Business and Society, 54(4):559-571.

Rivera, Jorge and Sanjay Patnaik. 2017. "Corporate Lobbying Expenditures and Green Performance". Academy of Management Discoveries, 3(2): 230-231(commentary).

Other Publications

Patnaik, Sanjay and Jorge Rivera. 2017. "The Future of Emissions Trading: Implications for Public Administration", Public Administration Review, commentary symposium (online) on "Climate Change and Public Administration," July (edited by Nives Dolsak and Aseem Prakash).

Patnaik, Sanjay. 2015.  "Rent-Seeking and Public Policy."  Center for Economic Studies (CES) ifo DICE Report – Journal for Institutional Comparisons, 13(3): 03-05.

Patnaik, Sanjay. 2013.  Dissertation Summary. Academy of International Business Insights Special Issue, Best Dissertation Award 2013.

Teaching Materials

Reinhardt, Forest L., Gustavo Herrero and Sanjay Patnaik. 2009.  "Colbún – Powering Chile." Harvard Business School Case 709-060.

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